• GB Start: May 24, 2023 at 7:00 PM-CST (USA)
  • GB End: June 24, 2023
  • Estimated Ship Date: Q3-Q4 2023.

Vanguard65 Info

The Vanguard65 (VG65), is a keyboard kit that serves both aesthetic beauty and function while incorporating a slider and knob. The case design is inspired by the Porsche Cayman, which is a perfect representation of a timeless masterpiece. This kit includes the following free parts - screws, building guide QR card, PCB, case, case weight, 6x gasket socks, polycarbonate plate, foam dampening kit (Case and Plate foam), daughter board for USB, rubber case feet, rotary encoder, rotary knob, fader encoder, fader handle.

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IMPORTANT: If you are going to purchase extras, you must have bundled with the VG65 kit. Visit the Extra parts page and add items to the cart. KEYCAPS NOT INCLUDED.


Front Height 19.2 mm
Typing Angle 6.5 degrees
Dimensions 357 x 117 x 31 mm
Mount Gasket Sock PCB Mount
Weight Brass, sandblasted CC
Designed By Keebfront

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Plate Material

You can run PLATELESS or use the POLYCARBONATE plate included in the kit. Additional plate materials are available for purchase in the Extra parts page.

Case Materials


  • Aluminum 6063


  • Polycarbonate White Frosted
  • Black Aluminum 6063


  • Custom designed hotswap with underglow
  • ANSI/ISO hotswap support
  • QMK/VIA compatible
  • Split backspace support
  • Kailh hotswap sockets
  • Universal USB-C daughterboard

Fader Features

  • Layers Shift: Switch between keyboard layers by allowing slider to to easily transition between your different key bindings set within VIA.
  • MIDI encoding: Let the slider act as a MIDI CC, meaning you can program it to pass values to supported software in order to make adjustments on the fly beyond music and photo/video production. We will provide more details of a recommended list of DAW software and open-source apps that you can download free in the builders guide.
  • RGB Brightness Control: Set the brightness levels of the case underglow.
  • Volume Control: Command your system volume with MIDI companion programs

We built an extension within VIA for a seamless user experience to switch the slider on-the-fly.